Is My Website Up In China? The Basics of Global Website Monitoring

by on November 3, 2022


As our world becomes smaller due to the digital connectivity of businesses and persons, the scope of your website audience is far greater than you can imagine. While it’s no secret that website monitoring is an essential component to create a stable digital environment, is standard monitoring solutions ideal for both domestic and global audiences? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. When it comes to dealing with an international audience, you must tirelessly work to ensure your site is up and running in countries throughout the world. This practice is done through techniques known as Global Website Monitoring.

What is Global Website Monitoring

 Imagine that your primary web host servers are located in Atlanta, Georgia. While the bulk of your traffic is local users, the information you place within your website is interesting to those living in Paris, France. When users from Paris accesses your site, data from your servers must travel thousands of miles, through an intricate network of overseas servers and cables. Throughout its journey, this data has ample time to manipulate and become bogged down, which ultimately alters the user experience for overseas visitors.

This is where global website monitoring comes into play. When you utilize this service, the pathway your data travels are continually monitored by checking your site at various spots throughout its journey. When an issue, such as a lack of performance or a “hang up” happens, the monitoring solution immediately notifies website administrators so they may tend to the issues at hand.

It’s important to note that not every website monitoring solution offers global monitoring. While this may not be a major issue for any websites who tend primarily to a more localized audience, if your site has potential to benefit those from around the world, than global website monitoring is an essential component to your monitoring solution. The need for a global website monitoring tool is even greater for eCommerce sites who wish to deal with international customers. It’s no secret that the faster your eCommerce site performs, the higher your conversion rate. This fundamental truth also applies for international visitors, who will hopefully become customers.

When seeking out a global website monitoring solution, it’s best to locate one that features monitoring networks throughout the majority of countries. Obviously, the amount of monitoring coverage varies based on the solution provider; however, it’s a good idea to select a solution that features at least 50 geographical locations. This provides a website that’s accessible by visitors throughout the world. The best part, their experience will be just as swift and effective as those who are just down the street from your web host servers.

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