How to Track Website Uptime

by on November 3, 2022

Perhaps one of the most common questions asked regarding website monitoring revolves around the practical methods all website administrators should undertake to monitor their website uptime. Thankfully, administrators don’t need to manually check the performance and availability of their website every few minutes within their browser. In order to effectively track the uptime of your website, you must utilize either a paid or free website uptime monitoring tool. However, there are many different options available to website administrators when it comes to monitoring their website uptime. The following list is the absolute best website uptime monitors available for both small startups and sprawling enterprises.

Service Uptime


Service Uptime is one of the most powerful websites uptime monitoring solutions available on the current market. This website monitoring solution actively works to ensure your site is available throughout the year and with its powerful monitoring capabilities, it’s designed to reduce website maintenance expenses while simultaneously saving you money by preventing website downtime. This service is available as a free or paid subscription. Obviously, if you have a paid subscription then you’ll receive a higher degree of protection and monitoring. That being noted, their free subscription is well-designed and capable of monitoring even the most complex of websites.

Status Cake


Who doesn’t love cake? Well, if you’re not into sweets, you’ll soon change your mind thanks to the powerful monitoring solution offered by Status Cake. This effective monitoring solution offers a free and paid subscription service. If you’re on a budget, then this is one of the most comprehensive free plans available. With the free plan, your website is checked every five minutes, and the best part, you can add an unlimited number of websites to be monitored. At the end of every month, you’ll receive a detailed report showcasing insights into the performance and availability of your site. Other features include: real browser testing, malware check, SSL monitoring, content matching checks and 30-second monitoring intervals with the paid subscription. There is a myriad of valuable add-on features you’re able to take advantage of, so definitely do yourself a favor and review this monitoring site.

Monitor Us


Monitor Us is the ideal solution for business owners who do not feature the financial capabilities of paying for a monitoring tool. This 100% free website availability monitoring service allows users to check the continual availability of their site based upon different locations throughout the world. Monitoring hits are sent out using a variety of protocols, ranging from HTTP to PING. If your site should dip below the designated performance/availability metrics, administrators are sent alters through email, SMS, instant messaging and even a live voice. Reports are given in great detail to provide valuable insights into the inner-workings of your site. This is the ultimate website monitoring tool for those who do not have the time or money to waste on continuous website monitoring. Uptimepal ( and InternetSeer ( are also other options that allow a person the ability to perform website monitoring checks at a relatively cheap price point.

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